If you are new to Python, read this motivation article

Python is one of the most popular programming language. It is an interpreted high level programming language.

Why Python is Popular?

Python is widely used in not only development of software web, GUI, game but also machine learning and data analytics.

Popular Software with Python

Popular Software such as Instagram, Pinterest, Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Spotify are created by Python.

Learn Python

Web Development Python

What is API ?

Application Programming Interface (API) is an application interface that allows two applications to communicate each other. Creating API is creating routes(endpoint and parameter) and response back some data. Means that other application can use our service with requesting API. RESTFul (Representational state transfer) is style or rules of creating APIs.

Example of API and HTTP request, response

Environment Variables are variables that stored outside of the program. Mostly used for security. In our program, secret key, database url and api key are the values that we don’t want to show public. Environment Variables are variables in our environment. Different Environment have different variables. Means that other users…

auth (vecteezy image)

Authentication is a basic security for website. Difference between Authentication and Authorization is, Authentication is how user can pass to our website. For example, if user want to use our website, user need to register or login to our website. Authorization is permission for different type of user. …

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