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Python Start

Cho Zin Thet
3 min readAug 21, 2021


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If you just want to test some python code, you can try on replit or pythonanywhere online IDE.

Best Online IDE for Python

Python Download

download python3

when you finish, try the code below in terminal or command line

python --version

If something wrong, check Environment Variables in your computer

If you are ready,

print(“Hello, World!”)


Right Click in the and Click “Run

“Hello, World!” will print in terminal.

Vistual Studio Code

Extensions -> type python in the search box -> install python extension

install python extension

inside a folder create a file called and

type the code below

run (Right Click in and click “Run Python File in Terminal”)

run python

Sublime Text 3

create a file called and

type the code below

run (you have to run in command line or terminal)

python in sublime text

go to the folder and type “python” or “python3

run python in terminal



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